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Night Skincare Routine

Night Skincare Routine

Hi everyone, Liz here (+1 662 830 8246,

At night there is a different purpose in skin care – regeneration and renewal!

Unlike you, when it gets dark, your skin doesn't go to bed. On the contrary - it works even harder due to the day and the environmental exposure it has been exposed to.


At night, the processes of cell division, production, and recovery of what was destroyed during the day are accelerated. So when it comes to skincare at night, the task is one - regeneration. The night is the best time for the skin to receive intensive care.


anti-wrinkle night cream is packed with active ingredients to renew your skin at night

Use specially created night creams, rich in active ingredients and vitamins, which are absorbed much better by the skin during sleep. They have a regenerating effect on the skin and make it fresher and more relaxed.

A Night Skincare Routine cream is scientifically formulated to be extremely nourishing, and the perfect time to apply it is when the production of sebum in the skin decreases and the skin is ready to accept it fully. Night creams, in combination with healthy sleep, support cell renewal, and regeneration. When we sleep, our body produces elements that help skin cells regenerate. Cell damage due to UV radiation is minimized and protective antioxidant reserves are restored. Therefore, products with anti-wrinkle ingredients are usually especially effective during sleep.


The night is a magical time of the day! As soon as you close your eyes, many interesting things can happen. Dreams can come true, even ones in which you have visibly smoother skin. But only if you use a proper ritual routine for night care.

Avoid using the same cream during the day and at night. The functions of the skin are different at different stages of the day and need different types of creams perform these functions. With the right care during the day or at night, you can keep your skin healthy for longer. Renew Health has formulated best-in-class formulas for day and night creams that are now available at Naked Actives

Here are Liz’s  tips for a perfect Night Skincare Routine:

Clean your makeup! It is important not to go to bed without first cleaning your make-up. If you miss this step, your pores may be plugged and your skin will be pale in the morning.

Hydrate your skin by using a combination of hydrating cleanser and hyaluronic acid serum to keep moisture in as it reduces sebum production at night and the skin is more susceptible to rich care than during the day. So, take advantage and help your skin to be healthy and hydrated by using Renew Health night cream, specially created for nighttime.

Rest! Even the best care in the world cannot take the place of sleep. Make sure you get at least 7 or 8 hours of sleep. Good mornings with velvet skin start the night before!

FAQ for Night Skincare Routine

Q - Which cream is best for the skin at night?

A - NAKED ACTIVES Evening Ritual is one of the top skincare brands in India. Day creams are wonderful at providing lightweight moisture and sun protection without feeling heavy.

Q- What is a nighttime skincare routine?

A- Top 5 Skin Care Routines -

  • Cleanse
  • Exfoliate
  • Hydrate
  • treat
  • Moisturize
  • To protect

Q - Which is better night cream or moisturizer?

A - Night creams are specially formulated to make the most of the skin's 'night skincare routine', in which it heals and repairs damage from the day.

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