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Halotherapy and Salt Benefits for Your Skin

Salt and Halotherapy benefits for skin
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Halotherapy and Salt Therapy Beneficial For Your Skin?

Halotherapy, also known as salt therapy, was discovered in the early 19th century in the Salt Mines of Bohemia. Its effect began to be studied after the middle of the 19th century. Speleotherapy, a precursor to halotherapy, required patients to visit salt mines and caves where they can breathe the salty air. However, they are not found everywhere, and the journey to them can be long and expensive. This is how the modern design of the salt rooms developed- a completely natural, safe, and controlled environment free of microorganisms. The floor and walls of the salt room are covered with salt and so it remains sterile, aseptic, and acts as a moisture buffer. A halogen generator grinds rock salt into small particles ( 1 to 5 µm), which are then converted into ions. Inject them into the room and monitor for a certain saturation, which is maintained in the air according to needs and age.
  • Negative ions expel toxins from the body and stimulate the microscopic fibers in the airways, which take care of purifying the air we ingest before it reaches the lungs. Ionization releases calcium, iron, and magnesium into the air, which is also absorbed by inhalation.
  • Research has found that after just a few sessions improvements such as reduced mucus, cough, and improved breathing can be noticed by 85% of patients with moderate asthma symptoms, and 76% of those with acute asthma after the study starting to breathe normally.
  • Dry sodium chloride also has a beneficial effect on skin problems such as psoriasis, eczema, rashes, etc. Studies show improvement in 65-75% of patients with dermatitis, who no longer complain of itching and small wounds start to heal faster.
  • Halotherapy is suitable for people of all ages. Conducting a full course of 10-20 procedures will improve your respiratory system, will have a beneficial effect on your skin and nervous system, will improve your immunity, and will be more resistant to infectious diseases.

How Does Salt Therapy Improve Skin Health?

Dry, itchy skin is really uncomfortable. Needless to mention that individuals with psoriasis and eczema may need to change their hairstyle or even their clothes. Who among us would not like to look a little younger? Children's suite Salt therapy users may not care about looking young, but the rest of us do. Can salt really make us look younger and reduce the symptoms of skin conditions? Yes, it can, and studies support it.

Halotherapy and Salt Benefits for Your Skin

Halotherapy improves the skin by penetrating the deeper layers of the skin and enhancing its protective properties. It provides healing as well as aesthetic benefits. The benefits of Halotherapy and salt for your skin make your skin more beautiful. Children are often sensitive to pollution and allergens, especially in big cities with heavy traffic. Their reflexes in regulating secretions such as exhalation and coughing are not fully developed. Mucus retention is a prerequisite for the development of bacterial infections. Salt therapy in a controlled environment is an exceptional solution for dealing with persistent, long-lasting, and annoying problems at this young age.
  • In the salt room, one can find coziness, cleanliness, and a relaxing atmosphere that are suitable for people of all ages. With a series of a dozen procedures, you can receive relief from chronic symptoms or preventive therapy against seasonal diseases.
  • The many benefits of halotherapy for your skin are that it helps with: acne, neurodermatitis, eczema, lichens, blackheads, sebaceous gland hypersecretion, pus pockets on the skin caused by various infections, allergic dermatitis, seborrhea fungus diseases of the scalp and psoriasis.

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Q - Are Halotherapy and Salt Good for Your Skin?

A- The tiny salt particles used in halotherapy can also help repair your skin cells and protect your skin from aging and infection. This therapy can be used to treat acne, dermatitis, and rosacea.

Q - What are the benefits of Halotherapy?

A - Breathing in the salty air while receiving treatment is known as halotherapy. Some claim it can treat allergies, chronic bronchitis, and respiratory ailments including asthma. Others claim that it can also reduce the effects of smoking including coughing, wheezing, and shortness of breath.

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