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Our Story

Who is Behind Naked Actives?

Founded in 2016 in New Zealand, Naked Actives quickly expanded to the United States and established our first production line with a manufacturer in Arizona. Our products, made in Arizona, use sustainable and ethically sourced ingredients from top global producers.

Marcus Fuchs later acquired Naked Actives and grew it into a nationwide brand, shipping products globally, including to Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and remote Pacific islands. 

In 2023, Chris and Sarah purchased Naked Actives and are excited to continue expanding and reaching more customers worldwide.



Our bestselling product is our Vitamin C MAP. It is also the first product that we developed! Although our other products all sell well, our Vitamin C is a very effective product. We have had Estheticians, Dermatologists and folks making their own creams continuously tell us that they use our serums when they make their own products. We feel humbled and happy to hear that not only are people applying our products to their skin, but are using it to make other products. It is something that we never thought would happen. 

Our newest product, written about here, is about how our Lip Serum was developed. 


Meet the Team

Our team consists of Amanda, Chris, Sarah, Paul, and Sheri. We meet weekly and talk about our customers and how to improve our products, our services & customer experience as well as how to better market our products.  

Meet Amanda Martin, the architect behind Funny Face Beauty's affiliate marketing program. With over 12 years of financial finesse under her belt, Amanda's transition from the world of numbers to the realm of beauty has been a seamless one.

As a partnership and education specialist, Amanda’s strength is her ability to  connect and collaborate with others, bringing like-minded souls together in celebration of individuality and wellness. Drawing upon her extensive background in social services she brings a refreshing perspective to the art of financial wellness, infusing her discussions with practical wisdom and relatable charm.

When she’s not orchestrating our affiliate marketing program, you'll find Amanda lost in the serenity of yoga, indulging her passion for design and beauty and spending quality time with her family.

At Funny Face Beauty, Amanda is more than just a Director; she's a beacon of joy, reminding us all that laughter is the best cosmetic, and a smile is the most beautiful accessory of all.

Meet Chris Shickluna, Funny Face Beauty’s Director, with over 20 years of experience in the health and wellness consumer package goods sector. As a National Director, Chris has demonstrated a keen entrepreneurial spirit, earning international recognition and the prestigious International Award for Entrepreneurial Leadership for his outstanding contributions to the industry.

Beyond his corporate accomplishments, Chris is deeply committed to community development. In the past he has worked with United Way Allocations, leveraging his expertise to effectively allocate resources for various community initiatives. His dedication to mentoring is evident through his involvement with Big Brothers Big Sisters, where he has made a significant impact as a Big Brother, nurturing and guiding the next generation.

Outside of his professional and philanthropic endeavors, Chris has a profound love for baseball, passionately supporting the Detroit Tigers. At home, he cherishes his role as a dog dad to his beloved pup, Edie.

Chris exemplifies leadership, community commitment, and personal dedication, making a positive impact wherever he goes.

Meet Sarah Pritula, an internationally recognized model, entrepreneur, philanthropist, keynote speaker, and published author who has made an indelible mark in the world of fashion and beyond. With a passion for skincare and an unwavering commitment to excellence, she seamlessly blends beauty, business, and charity. From gracing runways to featuring in prestigious catalogues, her unique style and grace have solidified her reputation as a versatile and influential figure in the modeling industry.

Beyond modeling, Sarah excels as a savvy entrepreneur, leveraging her expertise in skincare to launch and scale multiple successful businesses, while also captivating audiences worldwide with her dynamic presence and compelling storytelling as an award-winning keynote speaker. As a published author, she shares her knowledge and experiences, further establishing herself as a thought leader in skincare, entrepreneurship, and philanthropy.

In addition to her professional pursuits, Sarah remains deeply committed to making a difference in the lives of others. Through her charitable organization dedicated to combating childhood hunger, she embodies a profound sense of social responsibility and compassion, nourishing countless children and leaving a lasting impact. With an unwavering dedication to excellence and a heart full of compassion, Sarah continues to inspire others, push boundaries, and leave an indelible legacy that transcends the worlds of fashion, business, and philanthropy.

Meet Paul Reece, Funny Face Beauty’s Financial Manager. As a seasoned finance professional with an impressive two-decade tenure in the industry, Paul brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his role. Beyond his professional achievements, Paul is a dedicated family man who finds joy in his role as a proud father to two wonderful children. His commitment to his family is as steadfast as his dedication to his career, and he strives to balance both aspects of his life with grace and determination.

Outside of the boardroom, Paul finds rejuvenation in physical fitness. An avid enthusiast of working out, he understands the importance of maintaining a healthy body and mind amidst the demands of his profession and family life. Whether hitting the gym or exploring outdoor activities, Paul embraces the challenge of pushing his physical limits and achieving personal growth.

With his formidable experience in finance, unwavering commitment to his family, and passion for fitness, Paul epitomizes the modern professional who excels in both career and personal pursuits.

Meet Sheri Hawkins, Funny Face Beauty’s Marketing Strategist. Since 2018, Sheri has been running her own marketing business, TLB Media, where she has learned how to consistently deliver innovative marketing solutions that drive brand awareness and customer engagement.

Sheri brings a wealth of experience and creativity to the team, alongside a profound passion for supporting small local businesses. As the founder of the community social platform Mainly Niagara, Sheri has demonstrated her commitment to fostering community and business growth within the Niagara region.

Outside of her professional Sheri's dedication to mental health advocacy is evident in her remarkable achievements, including organizing the first Mental Health Fair in Niagara Falls in 2024. Her tireless efforts in this area highlight her commitment to making a positive impact on the well-being of her community.

With a creative mind and a passion for uplifting others, Sheri is a driving force in both the marketing industry and her local community. Her work at Funny Face Beauty and beyond exemplifies her dedication to excellence, community support, and mental health advocacy.



We are looking for partners to expand our business. We are keen to find a EU partner.

Over time we hope Naked Actives will help people reduce skin damage and look better. We know we can't stop entropy but we might as well look good aging! 

Please drop us a line. We are always keen to read or hear about customer experiences. No matter good or bad. We are often inclined to send a thank you gift of our latest product or something we are keen to give away!