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Write for Us

Become a Guest Blogger for Naked Actives and share your knowledge on Skincare, Beauty, Fitness, Diet, and Self-Care!

Naked Actives is looking for new guest writers to join our dynamic team to contribute fresh content with the goal of providing reliable and original information. We love sharing our tips, tricks, and research with our audience, we are looking for other enthusiastic writers who share the same passion!  

By becoming a guest writer, you will be able to share your ideas, advice, and experiences that would be beneficial to our readers.

What is in it for you?

  1. Your name and your work published on the Naked Actives website, which attracts thousands of readers a month and is constantly growing
  2. Your blog shared across our Naked Actives growing social channels, including Instagram, Facebook, and many more
  3. The opportunity to build your portfolio and become an authoritative voice in the beauty industry
  4. You gain exposure for your work and enlarge your writing portfolio
  5. You will receive an author bio at the end of every post you wrote, giving you full credit for your post and a link to your own site or social media profiles


Submitted articles should be between 800-1500 words in length for ease of reading and SEO optimization.

Use subheadings and/or bullets where appropriate.

Any images used must safe to use from copyrighting perspective. If you have your own original photos this is a huge plus but not required.

Guest posts must be original, written by you, the author, and may not have been previously published elsewhere online or in print publications (we will be checking this to verify).

You agree not to publish the article anywhere else online after being published on Naked Actives

Any content submitted to our site becomes the property of our blog. We retain the right to share, market, and use the content (with credit to you) for the purpose of promoting this blog.

Author bio: write a short bio about yourself to be included at the bottom of the article. You will receive 1 direct link to your website.

Editing: once your article is accepted, we are free to edit it, including changing the title and linking internally to our own site.

Links: you can link to 1 post on your blog/website. Choose wisely! All other links (apart from sources will be removed).

Sources: if you claim that a certain ingredient is good/bad or cite a scientific study, include a link to the source. Use links to academic journals, peer-reviewed scientific papers, and/or credible news outlets.

Tone: write in a conversational, friendly tone (this doesn’t need to be boring!).

After my work is published on Naked Actives what now?

We encourage you to share the link of your guest post across various social media platforms.

It is also recommended to respond and reply to any comments on your post, especially during the first two weeks.

You may also suggest edits to us if you spotted outdated information or something you wish to change.

How to get started…

Have a great idea for a blog post for Naked Actives? Email with your pitch! Remember to include:

  • a small bio about yourself
  • a brief description of your blog idea
  • any links to your previous work you wish to share

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask. We look forward to hearing from you!

- Naked Actives Team