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Is Your Skin Ready for Winter?

Is Your Skin Ready for Winter?

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Please check out latest blog, "Is Your Skin Ready for Winter?"

As the days get shorter and the weather starts to cool we know that fall and winter are on their way. Although there are gorgeous months in nature, these seasons are not the best for our skin.

Between dry, flaky and itchy skin we find ourselves needing some extra moisturizer.

If you haven’t started prepping your skin for the cold months, the good news is you still have time. The best news is you can use these tips all throughout the year to help make the seasonal transition easier and less harsh on your delicate skin.

To make sure your skin is ready for the winter,

Exfoliate Often

When your dead skin cells build up it can dull your skin's natural glow, which can clog follicles and lead to breakouts or damaged skin. Use a gentle exfoliator to help remove those dead skin cells. Don’t scrub too hard as you don’t want to damage your skin.

Add a moisturizer

Add a thicker moisturizer and use it in the morning and before bed. Make sure to cleanse your face and then moisturize to help your skin feel clean, soft and silky.

Protect your lips

We all know our lips can become totally dried out in the colder months and that’s why its important to do the work now. Gently exfoliate your lips with your toothbrush. Add a nice rejuvenating and moisturizing lip serum to your routine morning and night. Check out our Naked Actives Lip Serum, one of our best kept secrets. You wont use any other kind after trying it.

 Schedule a facial

It’s always nice to be pampered. Schedule a facial at the beginning of the cold months to help prep your skin for harsh fall and winter. A facial will help to remove the dried flaky skin and help your skin look vibrant and fresh.

In conclusion, make sure to stay on top of your skin care routine during these cold months, protect your face with a scarf when traveling outside and the weather is harsh and always remember the value of using a great moisturizer before bed.



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