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How to Care for Your Skin During Your Period

How to Care for Your Skin During Your Period

Skin Young or Old - What Happens When you Menstruate

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Hormones can get out of control when it’s that time of the month, from sensitivity, acne, inflammation, to dryness, it can all happen. The fluctuation in female hormones brings about changes in the skin, sometimes mild, sometimes dramatic, and can happen just prior to or  the period.

Pre Menstrual Stage

If there is a breakout then this often peaks the week before a period starts – PMS. Oil glands can go into overdrive as the hormones Progesterone and Estrogen are at their highest fluctuation, at this time, and cause breakouts and redness. They could occur anywhere but are typically around the jaw and the skin, on the whole, might look oilier than it usually does. Another hormone, Cortisone, which is connected to stress, triggers excess oil production, which in turn contributes to excess oil production resulting in clogged pores.  Consequently causing acne bacteria and inflammation. This is a good time to use products that include salicylic acid as it will remove excess oil and also work as a great anti-inflammatory. Zinc-based products are also recommended as they stop the overproduction of sebum which can aid in preventing spots from forming.

During A Period

The progesterone and estrogen levels start to decline once the period starts, and become less oily but may still be dry and dull throughout this time. The skin can also become quite sensitive and products such as hyaluronic acid are a great source for hydration at this time. Just before ovulation, the estrogen levels will peak again which will create a healthy glow – similar to a pregnancy glow – for a few days, only. Gentle fragrance-free cleansers and moisturizers will help the skin recover from any of the PMS stage skin reactions, again hyaluronic acid is really beneficial at this stage, as well as hydration, it gives the skin a healthy barrier. Low estrogen levels cause the skin to be irritated easily. Exfoliators, like chemical peels, and retinoids should be avoided as they will only exacerbate the dryness. SPF is a step that should not be missed.

Points to Remember

The skin may need subtle changes prior to, and during a cycle, but fundamentally routine should follow through; cleansing the face twice daily should not change, but use products that are non-comedogenic. An oil-free moisturizer, that is gel-based, will provide more hydration and a lighter finish that isn’t too occlusive. Managing high glycaemic foods is also important, as processed foods and refined sugars can also affect your skin. Hormones affect the body the entire month in different ways, the skin is most affected just before and during the cycle, but overall mood and energy can also be upset by the hormone levels changing and impact skin and hair. It takes time to understand how the hormones fluctuate and which products aid your skin best.

Recommended Products

Naked Actives is a skincare range of scientifically derived actives that target specific conditions, as discussed earlier Hyaluronic Acid, Hydrating Cleanser and Squalane Oil (moisturizing serum) are available by this affordable brand.  Buy at & Amazon.

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