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What is Beauty Sleep?

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Sleeping well & it's benefits for clear healthy skin

What if one of the biggest secrets to better skin was as simple as laying down and taking a nap? Wishful thinking, right? It turns out there’s quite a bit of research and science behind the concept of beauty sleep. After all, our body never stops working — especially when we’re asleep. While asleep some of the most important internal and epidermal recovery takes place! A great night sleep plus the right serums will yield impeccable results.

It takes six weeks for skin to regenerate, with this in mind is it unrealistic to expect an overnight miracle from a serum. Perhaps, with the science in skincare now, you certainly don’t have to wait six weeks to see the change. Try the Naked Actives EGF serum, applying to clean skin on the face and see the magic!Nap time, sleep repairs sleep heels, pillow

However, what can you do to optimize the results?  It’s common knowledge that a good amount of sleep is essential to good health and healthy skin, but often getting that is a challenge in itself.

What can you do to encourage good sleep to help get the best out of your skincare and wake up to glowing skin?

  • Have a nightly routine – a quiet time for oneself where you slow the pace of the day and indulge in self care.
  • Take this time to reflect on your day, write a journal, read a book.
  • Yoga is also ideal for relaxation at this time.
  • Shower or bathe to relax your muscles. With this your facial skin will get a natural steam.
  • Pamper yourself with a moisturizer, head to toe, not forgetting your all-important serum.
  • Use a sleeping mask. An innovation that works while you sleep, it’s a form of a rich moisturizer that exfoliates, hydrates, and brightens in one go. Lip masks or balms are also effective when used overnight.
  • Try not to stimulate your brain with light from a television, phone or otherwise. It can trick your brain into thinking it’s daylight and reduce melatonin. This hormone controls sleep. However, on that note there has been some success with sleeping apps which help to track sleep routines and relax the mind.
  • Essential oils like lavender, or diffusers are also perfect relaxers to aid restful sleep.
  • Experts suggest six to eight hours of sleep but you know your body the best.

Sleep well and wake up to discover more of Naked Actives and their cutting-edge products.

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