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Hi everyone, 

My name’s Lisa, I hope you’re well? I am an online wellness and skincare coach, and I will be posting a new blog here at Naked Actives every week. A blog about all things ‘lifestyle’ and how skincare plays such an important role! I want to share my thoughts, best practices, conversations, and ideas that will, hopefully, help you live the best life possible. 

I’m going to start this week with mindfulness. 

It sounds a bit weird, right? Mindfulness and skincare put together! But think about it. When do you get five or ten minutes to yourself? If your life is in any way like mine, it’s probably when you close the bathroom door!  

I started a mindful skincare routine two years ago, and it has worked wonders for me. By taking daily care of my skin with nourishing food, plenty of water, a little bit of exercise and a good skincare routine, I now have a firm and fresh skin complexion. More importantly, I now leave my house in a great mood every morning and go to bed every evening relaxed and stress-free. 

I’m 46 years of age, a mother of two beautiful boys, I have just adopted a new cat and I’m in love, sometimes, with my husband! I like a glass of red wine in the evening, I listen to proper (read “rock from the 1990s”) music and I like to think of myself as a normal person in an ever-changing world. When it comes to skincare, I sometimes feel that people of my age with an unlined face look like one of those freaky, realistic dolls you see in the toy shop nowadays! I believe our lines tell a story: laughter, love, sadness, tears. However, as much as they do tell some wonderful tales, I now want them gone. At least some of them. And, more importantly, I want the sadness lines never to reappear. Anyway, enough about me, let’s get back to the subject at hand:  

Mindful Skincare. 

The Boring Bit. 

The art of mindfulness means to be fully present in the now. Living in the present moment. Mindfulness works by improving your concentration.  

What this really means is slowing down and paying full attention to what you are doing: the sights, smells and sensations. It stops you zoning out! 

So, let’s mix this with your skincare routine. This is the perfect opportunity to focus on just you! Achieving this will bring benefits to both your personal and work life.  

However, like most things, it requires practice! 

This is how I do it but remember what works for me may not necessarily work for you. Create a routine that suits your lifestyle. If you’re not a morning person and shudder at the thought of the 5am Club (do people actually do this?) then don’t do it! Mornings set the tone for the day and should not become a cause for anxiety.  

Morning Routine 

Whilst the kids are eating their cereal and my new cat is marking its territory around the house, I have five minutes to myself. I close the bathroom door, look in the mirror, and take three deep breaths. I am relaxed but focused! I take notice of how my breathing feels, the rise and fall of my chest, how the air feels in my nostrils. If my mind starts to wander, I bring it back to what I am doing now, then I start a gentle cleanse of my face. I usually use just water – lukewarm for the beginning and a few splashes of cold water to boost the blood circulation to finish. I follow this with a few drops of my hyaluronic acid serum and, after it absorbs, the all-important sun protection fluid. A simple three step routine. I take my time doing this, whilst paying attention to my breathing, and as I finish, I smile at myself in the mirror and say aloud my affirmations for the day: “I am beautiful, I look great, I’m going to have a great day!” 

Then it’s off down the stairs for a cup of strong coffee, get the boys in the car and blast out The Red Hot Chili Peppers on the way to school. Hey, this is how I like to start my day! 


Evening Routine 

The evening routine is slightly different. Once the kids are asleep and my husband is settled with his glass of red wine and his car magazines, I close the bathroom door and light a candle. I like to allow extra time in the evenings for my routine. Again, I take three deep breaths and then cleanse my face, still paying attention to my breathing, to the temperature of the water, to the texture of the cleanser under my fingertips. I pat my face and neck dry with a soft towel and once a week I exfoliate. Then I apply my night-time vitamin C serum, taking my time and patting it extra gently in. If I have more time, I give myself a five-minute face massage; this promotes blood circulation, reduces inflammation and makes me feel even more relaxed. I cannot overestimate the importance of breathing throughout this routine. This is how you become mindful of the moment; in what you are doing in the here and now. In this case, skincare.  

I end this blissful ten minutes with my evening affirmations; giving thanks for my beautiful family and all the good things that happened today. 

Finally, to end most evenings nicely, I settle down with a cup of cocoa or red wine (providing my husband hasn’t finished the bottle!) and catch up with the latest episode of New Amsterdam. Yes, it is a different kind of fun than I liked to have twenty years ago but I do enjoy it! 

Remember, mindfulness is all about you.  

Take five to ten minutes every morning and evening just for you! Focus on yourself! Look after you! You will feel amazing, trust me. 

 Until next time, 


PS:  I would love to hear from you. If you have any ideas or thoughts, you would like to share with the Naked Actives Community, you can E-Mail me at

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