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The Naked Blog: Decluttering

The Naked Blog:  Decluttering

Hi everyone,

I hope you’ve had a great week. Thank you for the kind comments following last week’s blog. It was amazing to read your own mindful skincare routines and I look forward to hearing more from the Naked Actives Community in the future.

This week I’m going to talk about decluttering. Does it look like a big step away from skincare? Not really, let me explain and you will understand how a calm space can work wonders for your skincare routine. We’re all guilty of stockpiling skincare products (who says “no” to a free sample?) but I believe less is more. 

I know, I know, you’ve heard it all before! You may have tried decluttering in the past and given up halfway through. But this time, it’s different, I will show you my fool proof plan to declutter any room in your house and keep it that way. Does it take time? (Yes, but half the time of a normal decluttering regime.) Can you think of better things to do? (Yes, but there’s plenty of time to go shopping.) Is it worth it? (A resounding, Yes!)

When was the last time you stayed at a hotel? “Too long ago,” I hear you shout! The reason I’m asking is because I want you to remember the room you stayed in, or more importantly the bathroom. I’m sure you walked into a beautiful, clean, empty room. You probably opened your bag and carefully placed your shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, skincare and makeup products on the shelf provided. At this point you may have stood back and smiled. You were calm and happy!

Now think of your bathroom at home…is there a difference?

Half-used bottles of shampoo, 16 different hair brushes, bottles of perfume from Christmas 2015, drawers full of free samples, towels spilling out over the wash basket. Maybe a dead plant, or a dried-out air freshener! 

Wouldn’t it be great to have that hotel bathroom in your house, just with the addition of your homely touches? You may have three bathrooms in your house, you may have a large family sharing one bathroom, you may live on your own, but the principles are the same.

Start with the bathroom you use. 

So, let’s begin

Put on a pair of rubber gloves, get a roll of bin bags and a large box or container. 

Step 1, Put every product you currently have in your bathroom into the large box. Don’t stop, don’t read any labels, don’t go “oh, that’s where it went!” just keep going. If you have any drawers or storage boxes simply take them out as they are. Now place everything in another room, close the door and lock it away forever! I told you this was going to be quick!

Okay, now seriously. Place everything in another room, go back to your bathroom and gaze at the empty space. Looks good, eh?

Step 2, The horrible bit. It’s time to clean! But this will take half the time it usually takes. All the surfaces are empty. 

Spray everywhere with your household cleaner of choice and if you hate cleaning as much as I do, then get the shower attachment and use that to wash everything down. I then get a couple of dry cloths to wipe everywhere dry, before mopping the floor and collapsing in an undignified heap.

Step 3, A glass of red wine.

Step 4, This is where my decluttering routine differs from a lot of others. Many books and articles will tell you to have about seven different bags to place items in. One to keep, one to throw, one to store etc. I don’t know about you but there’s nothing in my bathroom I would want to donate to anyone! So, I say keep it or throw it. And keep should only be the products you are currently using. Think back to the hotel room analogy; you only took one shampoo with you, so why have you got four different bottles at home? Pick the one you used last night and throw the rest. No regrets. The same goes for every other product in the box.  Now place these items neatly back in your bathroom. Next the dreaded drawers and storage boxes. 

Step 5, You throw out food past its expiration date, right? Well it's just as important to do so with your beauty products. Imagine putting something expired on your face! No, thank you. And yes, it was probably because those products were hidden away at the back of one of these drawers. But don't worry, after you are finished here, there will be no more Hiddens & Forgottens. Again, no regrets. That bright yellow nail varnish you bought for the 1980’s reunion party did its job. Now it’s time to say goodbye.

Step 6, By now your bathroom should be looking pretty spectacular. If you were honest with yourself, nearly 30-40% of your products should be in the trash. Have a look at your new bathroom. Be proud. You’re finished. Congratulations. That wasn’t so bad, was it?

What are your thoughts? Maybe you think you could do with new towels, new storage boxes, maybe the near empty glass shelf that houses your face wash, moisturizer, sun protection and skin serums (and nothing else) could do with a bamboo plant or a luxury candle? It might be tempting to fill all the empty space, I know. But do think twice before buying anything new. And more importantly first think at home and write a list of the things you really need. We know the value of a good, clean, empty space!

The next time you do your mindful skincare routine (see my Blog on Mindfulness) you will appreciate this new space and so will your skin! Let me know how you got on

Until next time,


PS: for all those near-empty products that you want to get rid of, clean them out and recycle them. Glass bottles and jars can always be upcycled as well. Have fun! 


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