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Hi Everyone, Liz here (+1 662 830 8246,

I remember a world where looking in the mirror was often frowned upon and thought of as vain, except for the obligatory daily glance. Now it seems life has become a mirror and brought with it fight and defense. What am I talking about? What I am talking about is the first thing people see when they look at you, your skin!

Innovation of technology and science has become a life under microscopic measures. Everyone can see each other in so much detail like never before, #highdefinition, #airbrush, #filtergalore.

Where once clean healthy skin was a sign of good gut health, now it’s about the tools of the trade you can use to achieve this ‘glow’. I didn’t have time for this mid life crisis, I had to get on this skin journey fast! Where to start? The pandemic has destroyed any chance of going to a counter or a salon to discuss my skin in person, friends and family are so far away at the moment that FaceTime and a chat just doesn’t do the conversation justice.  I was going to surf the net and pray that I come across something really magical, that does the trick really quickly at an affordable price & hopefully free shipping is part of the deal!  Wishful thinking……let’s find out.No Filter- Best Way On How to Improve your Skin on High Res Screens

Well before I even start to make my discovery, what are my concerns? Dull complexion, a few scars here and there, fine lines and sign of ageing, blemishes, redness, dehydrated skin, visible pores, eyes that look older…, wiser, about to get wiser!  I decided to look at the biological science of each of my concerns, and on that note, I had already had the nature versus nurture debate in my head and nurture had already fought its cause. While I bow my head to all the natural products on the market, I needed to see something that works! Having already tried the no makeup ‘makeup’ look, I understood that is only achievable with great skin beneath.  As a wise person once said, taking care of your skin is more important than covering it up. Unbeknown to me there is a brand covering everything I needed to know, read on to see how I found NAKED ACTIVES suit my skin, to be exactly that, actively naked!


This is the first thing that needs to be committed to, a twice daily wash to prepare my face and neck for the day, and remove all the grime at the end of it.  A gentle but effective Hydrating Cleanser from this range was enough to make me feel fresh and well balanced when rinsed off, unlike some cleansers, like the charcoal soap bars that are all the rage and leave your skin feeling stripped.

Now to moisturize, I needed to combat a few target areas, lets start with understanding pores.  We have them all over our body and they can double in size between the age of 25-50 years. Yikes! In addition to this our collagen production slows down, so I was amazed to find their EGF Serum with Vitamin C for Skin Hydration and Renewal– WOW!  Only a few days after applying this to my skin, I felt the shedding of old skin and a baby soft layer appearing, that was only achievable previously with a very expensive primer. If I look really closely, I can also see signs of fine lines starting to fade, this product really delivers, and very quickly.

Redness, due to rosacea, was also a big battle of mine, one that had a mind of its own.  Its often mistaken for acne or eczema, however what it is, is an inflammatory skin condition that can result in a tendency to blush or worse have red pus filled bumps that can appear during a flare up. Vitamin B3 Serum with Niacinamide & Glucosamine has come to the rescue, it not only minimizes inflammation and redness but equally restores collagen, encouraging clear skin that is well hydrated (alongside drinking plenty of water) and working towards that ‘glow’ I am hoping for. 

Finally, I tried the Anti-aging Eye Cream with Retinol from this range, which felt so smooth to apply to such a delicate area.  It absorbed very easily, leaving no residue, and instantly felt refreshed.  I am applying this now in the mornings and at night, and have started to notice that life around the eyes is coming back, its not so puffy and I look less tired.  I might add that beauty sleep is no myth, its really important to get a good nights rest so that your epidermis can do all the work it needs to, to get you looking exactly that, beautiful.

Oh, I haven’t told you the best part of this journey yet….. Naked Actives is very affordable, ranging from under $20 to $40 and currently running free shipping!  When you subscribe there is a $5 voucher (which I’ve already used on the Vitamin C Serum with Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate, have you seen the reviews?!?! AMAZING.  Cannot wait to receive mine.) 

To conclude, I think I have found my path to clear healthy looking skin, it’s taken me some time researching many brands but I find myself smiling that I found NAKED ACTIVES, and hope that this saves you some time finding yours. 









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