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How To Get Rid Of Your Skin Tags And Warts

How To Get Rid Of Your Skin Tags And Warts

Hi Everyone, Tina here (+1 662 830 8246, Here is our latest blog which is a review of Dr. Berg’s video from Youtube. We felt it was necessary to review it and write about it here. We’ve taken some of the video and added his points here. As you know, I am a big fan of Dr. Berg. He has helped us with many health related issues!

How To Get Rid Of Your Skin Tags And Warts

This blog is a review of how Dr. Berg shows how to get rid of your skin tags and warts very quickly.  Many times these warts/tags will go way over it overnight or in a few days, or, it may, in certain circumstances, take up to two weeks to fully get rid of them, but during this process you're going to find a lessening of these skin tags the longer you follow the advice he gives, the better the results. Now getting rid of the skin tags are actually very easy to do and it's a simple two ingredient remedy (below).

But more importantly, Dr. Berg notes that one must understand why you have skin tags or warts in the first place! A skin tag or wart is an indicator and is your body's way of communicating that there's something else going on that you should pay attention and the purpose of this blog is to explain the “why” behind the symptoms. Not only can you get rid of the tag/wart but to make sure it doesn't come back you should look further into the causes of your health issues because there are other problems that are probably existing right now in your body that are related to these underlining causes!  

First of all, what do we know about skin tags or warts?

Well we know we have a growth of cells and the term for that is an anabolic response, and anabolic means the growth of something, and it's actually a mini benign tumor and are not cancerous. Cancer involves something called a malignancy, which, spreads out of control and this is not the case with a benign tumor that happens at a very specific location and it gets to a certain size but it doesn't take over the body.  Skin tags usually form around the folded parts of your skin and on your neck or armpits but they can be anywhere as well, and even in your mouth, the trachea, larynx, your private parts, and even  your groin.

HPV- Human Papilloma Viruses

There is a high association between skin tags and warts and HPV (human papilloma virus). There is also not just one virus and there are over 130 or 140 different types of human papilloma viruses so each one can create different situations!

What else do we know about a skin tags?

They appear to be more common in women!  What’s difference between men and women?  Well women have more estrogen for one thing and also you see your higher incidence of skin tags when a woman gets pregnant which would also validates this estrogen situation.

Estrogen is anabolic and these hormones makes cells grow and the more fat that you have the more estrogen, the more you are going to make!  If someone is overweight they're going to make more estrogen!  The last point about estrogen is that not only is there a high risk factor for getting skin tags but there's a higher risk factor of just having HPV and HPV related cancers!  There is another interesting piece of information relating to the skin tags and that would be increased risk of skin tags with conditions like diabetes, obesity, and PCOS polycystic ovarian syndrome, which,  can be related to the underlying cause of diabetes and obesity, which has high levels of insulin!  Dr. Berg says that they showed 98 cases of people with skin tags and nearly all of them had insulin resistance, based on a test called, Homa-IR and we’ll put the youtube video down below, where you can find the link to the study.  They found a very very strong association between skin tags and insulin resistance!  Skin tags and high triglycerides and skin tags and obesity (basically high triglycerides and obesity) are related to insulin resistance!

Another thing that's interesting about insulin resistance is that we have a situation where you have a lot of insulin in the body that's compensating for this insulin resistance in the cell, so, when insulin is supposed to penetrate the mitochondria, i.e. the energy factor of the cell, to make ATP, which is energy, it no longer functions to the degree it should, and this feedback loop starts making a lot more insulin but it's not connecting with the mitochondria and when you don't have enough insulin connecting with the mitochondria, you get lower numbers of mitochondria, and you get dysfunctional mitochondria, which, is at the heart of both cancer and benign tumors which, and as noted above, can result in skin tags. Dr. Berg believes that's this is the biggest mechanism as to why people get skin tags and it has to do with what's going on in the mitochondrial level!

The importance of understanding the mechanism behind skin tags and what you need to do about it is that you need to fix insulin resistance as well as estrogen dominance.

if you have Skin Tags, chances are it's going to be more of an insulin resistance problem and for finding your solution you need to remove work on your insulin resistance. Dr. Berg promotes his healthy version of the ketogenic diet as a solution as well as persistent intermittent fasting! These two lifestyle changes will help with these ongoing health issues.

The remedy

Dr. Berg says it's really really simple and is just going to be using two thing. Iodine in garlic! That’s it.  What's interesting about iodine is not only can it inhibit HPD, but it also can help regulate estrogen and I'm going to recommend a type of iodine that you can get at the pharmacy drug store it's called Papa Dom. It's less toxic and it's very soluble kind and they use it even to treat burns!  A few drops into a little container or a little dish. Put two drops of this iodine in it each day and then you're going to take some fresh garlic and crush a little bit of it to get a couple drops.

You are going to mix a couple drops of garlic with the iodine together and mix it up and then take a little cotton swab and apply it directly on the skin tag or wart and put a Band-Aid or tape over it with the cotton piece holding it on the skin tag. Apply that same mixture just twice a day. I'm recommend that you keep it in the fridge in order to keep the garlic really fresh.  You do not need to worry about the iodine but the garlic needs to stay fresh and potent because there's a certain vital nutrient, called Allison, in garlic, that is doing all the magic! It's very anti cancer, its antiviral, and is effective.

You're going to notice after even a day of using this that there's a significant shrinkage of the skin tag if not completely gone it really depends on how bad you have insulin resistance! It could take up to two weeks but you will see a lessening of the skin tag over time.  The next day I recommend that you toss out the dish that you made from the previous day and make a fresh batch with a couple drops of iodine a couple drops of the garlic juice fresh because that way we can maintain the potency of the garlic!

You can just cut up this garlic clove and this crush different pieces of it each day and it'll go a long way but we want that garlic fresh and we're going to put it on the area topically with a Band-Aid or a piece of tape and you're just going to keep repeating this, applying it to the surface of your skin for up to two weeks, if you need it! You can also use other things such as zinc oxide, apple cider vinegar, oregano oil, but I think you can see the best results with garlic and this iodine!

 You may need to shift to a slightly different remedy if unsuccessful and if needed, and if the first remedy doesn't work or you don't see any change within 2 weeks, then shift to the other remedies  which is either one of two things,  salicylic acid (you get it from the drug store in little patches), or, just crush an aspirin up and put some of this aspirin topically within some water with a Band-Aid or a tape and apply it. These solutions tend to work as well. There is also an ancient plant you can get as a remedy, and it's called book, celandine.  If you had it fresh that would be the ideal situation because you just take one of the stems and you'll notice that there's disposing fluid out of the stem you would put that topically as it's very potent to viruses and you put it just a little drop on skin tag with a Band-Aid and or tape, but the most important thing about this blog is that Dr. Berg emphases to find the correct underlying reason as to why you have these health issues in the first place!  He highly recommends you get started on this right now while it's fresh in your mind!




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