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How to Choose the Best Cleanser for Your Skin

find the cleanser that fits your skin

Hi everyone, Liz here (+1 662 830 8246,

Today we are looking at cleansers and how to select one that fits your skin type.

Fundamental to every skincare regime is a cleanser. It is the one step that you cannot miss, especially to gain any benefit from anything topically applied to the skin thereafter. Questions you could ask as to why do you need a cleanser, how often do you need to cleanser, do you need a different cleanser for day and night, and what kind of cleanser most suits your skin. In a nutshell, like any other part of your body, daily grime needs to be cleaned off at least once, maximum twice a day, the cleansers only purpose is to clean, therefore the time of day is not applicable, and the type or consistency of cleanser used is very dependent on your skin type. Your face and hands are the parts of your body most exposed to environmental damage or otherwise, and it is the first place signs of damage and aging are most noticeable.  Ever wondered why the word DAMAGE has the word AGE in it?!?!

Cleansing Normal to Dry Skin

A hydrating cleanser is best for this skin type, one that is gentle enough to be used twice a day if necessary. Over cleansing dry skin can cause the skin to become drier, so it is essential to use the cleanser at the right time. If used in the evening, there is a fresh base for the skin to replenish itself overnight and still be a great clean base for the morning/day. Naked Actives Hydrating Cleanser is a nonfoaming cream-like cleanser that will lift away impurities and debris from the surface of the skin. This can be used in conjunction with Naked Actives Hyaluronic Acid which will not only replenish the hydration levels but also leave the skin with a smooth surface that feels like it has been exfoliated but hasn’t, hence perfect for the delicate nature of dry skin.

Cleansing Normal to Oily Skin

A foaming cleanser is kind to this skin type where debris, makeup, and excess oils can be removed whilst still caring for the skin’s natural barrier. Foams are weightless but very effective cleansers for oily skin, again the use of Hyaluronic Acid can prove to be very powerful to hydrate and combined with Naked Actives Vitamin B & Niacinamide any redness or irritation can be soothed and calmed. This will ultimately result in a revitalized complexion. Cleansing twice a day with a foaming cleanser and oily skin type may be suitable.

Cleansing Combination Skin

To target irritable, uneven, rough, and even bumpy skin, an exfoliating cleanser with salicylic acid is a good option. A great option is pairing it with Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate at the same time. This is a powerful combination for upset skin.  The salicylic acid gently dissolves dead skin, and pore-clogging impurities, which will result in a smooth surface without affecting the skin’s natural biological makeup. As with oily skin, it may be suitable to cleanse twice daily. 

There are three rules to follow regardless of your skin type:

  1. Wash your face with warm water, this will ensure your skin is fully cleansed. Hot water can dry your skin out, and the myth that cold water keeps your face looking young is just that, a myth. Pat, not rub, your face dry with a soft towel.
  2. Cleansing at night, or as soon as you get back home in the evening, is the perfect time to wash away the debris and prepare for replenishment overnight. Not all skin needs an additional cleanse in the morning. Often over-cleansing can strip the natural oils and damage the skin barriers.
  3. Cleansing your facial skin, should not mirror the way you wash your body, to increase your circulation and boost the lymphatic drainage, massage the cleanser onto your skin, using the different parts of your hands and fingers. Think of this as yoga for your face.


Final words, choose wisely, cleanse daily, layer appropriately (thinnest to thickest), and always follow with moisturizer.

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