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Different Types of Skin Cleansers: Which One is Right for You?

Different Types of Skin Cleansers: Which One is Right for You?

Different Types of Skin Cleansers: Which One is Right for You? 

Without a doubt, cleansing is the most important step in any skin care program. It also takes very less time and effort. However, the trickiest part is the different types of skin cleansers: which one is right for you? It can be difficult to sort through the different cleansers and find the right one for your beauty routine, as there are so many options on the market.

But, to prevent unwanted breakouts, clogging, dehydration, sensitivity, and skin issues, you must take the time and effort to choose a cleanser suitable for your skin type. Choosing the right cleanser for your skin type can be challenging, Naked Actives has rounded up the best cleansers here, hoping you'll find the right one for your skin.

How to choose the best cleanser for your skin?

Nothing feels better than washing your face at the end of a long day. When all traces of dirt, sweat, and makeup are removed, the skin can breathe, heal and rejuvenate itself. Plus, a pristine surface makes it easier for other skin care products to penetrate deep into your skin and accomplish their tasks. Before thinking about your serums and anti-aging creams, it's important to choose the right cleansers for your skincare routine.

The Different Types of Skin Cleansers | How To Choose The Right Cleanser

For different types of skin cleansers, you must first determine your skin type and condition. Yet, in general, all cleansers should be gentle enough on the skin and clean effectively without irritating it. It is advised to stay away from those cleaners if you are allergic to any of the components. As a general rule, stay away from cleansers that contain alcohol because they can damage and irritate the skin. 

Your skin is gently cleansed with a Naked Actives Moisturizing Facial Cleanser without stripping it of its natural oils. All skin types can use it, and it's ideal for dry, sensitive skin. Your skin will feel smooth and soft after using moisturizing ingredients professionally shown to hydrate skin. Please note that we have changed the size of our bottles to 2-ounce liquid containers per request from our customers.

Here's a quick overview of all the different cleansers, what they perform, and what skin types they work best on. Some of these solutions also have the added benefit of removing makeup. To help you choose the right cleanser for your skin type, here are Best 7 types of skin cleansers -

Cream Cleanser

Cream cleansers are packed with hydrating ingredients and have a rich texture. Plus, they don't lather too much or strip skin's natural oils, so they won't dehydrate and dry out your skin. Still, they often leave a creamy texture that can clog. They can control sebum secretion apart from being excellent makeup removers. Dry skin and sensitive skin are the best skin types for cream cleansers.

Foam cleanser

Foam cleansers, which are available in cream or gel form, have a foamy consistency when mixed with water. The lather will penetrate the skin to open the skin pores, get rid of debris and remove makeup. While it really just depends on the formulation, sodium lauryl sulfate is the key ingredient that produces the foaming action.

Gel Cleanser

Gel cleansers need frequent rinsing due to their transparent, jelly-like substance. With just one wash, they deep cleanse while simultaneously reducing pore congestion, removing oil, and removing acne-causing bacteria. They're packed with incredibly moisturizing and hydrating ingredients, which leave skin feeling dewy and soft. 

Cleansing Balm

While cleansing balms are more solid and have a rich, creamy texture that melts into an oily texture on the skin, they share many of the same properties as cleansing oils. They can treat the skin with nourishing ingredients, making them excellent for removing makeup.

Powder Cleanser

These are powders that become slightly creamy or foamy when they come in contact with water. By adjusting the amount of water you add when mixing them, you can control the consistency. Provide exfoliating properties while cleansing. They work effectively for both deep facial washing and makeup removal because they are extremely concentrated.

Cleaning Wipes

Cleaning wipes are really handy, however, they don't do the best job of removing all contaminants. They're perfect for those occasional lazy days because they can take off makeup and are easy to use, but they're unable to remove excess oil or dirt. These work well to remove makeup, but a face wash afterward is definitely a must!

Cleansing Oil

Cleansing oils are good for the skin even though they are very effective in removing makeup. Even some of them are waterproof! It nourishes the skin without drying it. Still, they act more as pre-cleanser than deep cleaners. Thus, be sure to use a traditional deep-cleansing cleanser after you wash off your oil cleanser.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Which is the best cleanser for oily skin type?

A - If you're looking for a cleanser specially formulated for oily skin, Naked Actives Moisturizing Facial Cleanser is the one.

Q - What cleanser is better than face wash?

A - Your skin can be cleansed, hydrated, and soothed by using a face cleanser. When applied to damp skin, the texture often foams or turns into a lather.

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