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Hi Everyone,

I hope you’re well and your sleep has improved. I hope so. It’s been a busy couple of weeks for me, my telephone has constantly been asking for attention! But everything happens for a reason, so I think you will enjoy this week’s thoughts.

So far, we’ve discussed mindful skincare, decluttering (everyone loved this one) and sleep (don’t forget a ‘routine’ doesn’t happen overnight). This week I’m going to talk about ‘notifications'.

Yes, notifications! Continuing on from our first three topics, ridding your life of notifications will help you declutter on both a physical and mental level, this will, in turn, help you sleep better and clear your mind for your morning and evening skincare routine.

Notifications, that horrid noise you hear many times throughout the day; a warning signal! The one that asks you to pick up your phone and read…something that wasn’t important at all! 

In the beginning, I was afraid that if I turned off my notifications I would miss out on something important: the all-important email, an Instagram DM, a lottery win lol. But I realized a couple of years later (yes, it did take me that long!) I check these apps throughout the day anyway, so I don’t need a constant ‘ting' (my noise of choice), in my head. 

I only keep my notifications on now for WhatsApp, text messages and phone calls. I mute all group chats (unless it’s work orientated, as I work from home).

We don’t need constant notifications from our local supermarket or furniture store, so turn them off! Depending on the number of apps you have running it should take about 20 minutes to complete this exercise. 20 minutes well spent, trust me! I had to declutter my phone again this week.

So, when your phone ‘tings’ you will no longer get disappointed; it WILL be someone you want to talk to or hear from. Your stress levels will lower. And less stress, results in a better you, a better life and better…skin!

Until next time,


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