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How Skincare works & 6 Secrets to looking Younger

How Skincare works & 6 Secrets to looking Younger

Hi everyone, Tina here (+1 662 830 8246,

Today I am sharing my notes of my summary and views on the latest Dr Berg Video. As you know I think Dr. Berg produces great and helpful content and many of his suggestions have really helped my skin care routine, skin health and overall nutritional health. You rock Dr. Berg!  

In his blog, Dr. Berg talks about the accumulation of damaged proteins - internally and externally and how this affects our aging. More specifically, advanced glycation end products (AGE's). An AGE occurs when you combine a sugar molecule and a protein molecule and through body heat merge into a damaged protein. These damaged proteins make you look really old and actualy speed up aging! Other combinations to watch out for are glucose and fat, lactose and proteins (i.e. ice cream), protein and fructose, i.e.  bbq'ed ribs with a fruit sugary bbq sauce. AGE's can be easy to spot after eating as you feel tired, i.e. as if something is sucking your energy out of you! If you end up feeling sluggish and exhausted after eating then you can probably attribute it to damaged proteins. 

When you eat sugar/glucose and mix it with fat , your body temperature of 98.6 degrees, will naturally merge the food into damaged proteins and these AGE's will sped up aging! YouA1c Test Indicator can test your levels of AGE's with an A1C test. Here is a chart from Dr. Berg's video (below) and this chart where the A1C test shows a range.

When you expose your blood to sugar/fat you get glycation and the sugar causes damage and clogs you up. Sugar is like rust to your skin and blood!  

Watch out for other hidden sugars like starch. I.e. deep fried potatoes, chips, hamburger buns/ketchup! Pretty much any combination of sugars or hidden sugars and fat will give you AGE's. I will soon be posting a blog about hidden sugars! 

How do you get rid of AGE's? 

Dr. Berg suggests trying Autophagy. It helps remove/eat/burn damaged and excess protein/glucose and removes these AGE's, old cells and excess skin! Autophagy repurposes. recycles old & damaged proteins. 

How do you get into Autophagy?  

Start intermittent fasting! Dr. Berg suggests this is best way and has pubished several videos on it that you can find in the video. If you are already fasting, he suggests OMAD (one meal a deal) and dry OMAD. Be sure to read the disclaimer Dr. Berg mentions and he almost always says to consult your doctor when you start fasting! 

Is there any other way to look younger without starving?

Infrared light! It generates a lot of melatonin! It is an antioxidant and helps get rid of free radical damage. Regular exposure to sun is beneficial to looking younger as well but be sure to not overexpose yourself so you end up with skin damage. Our Vitamin C MAP product helps you recovery and handle the hyperpigmentation from sun spots and skin damage if you are sun buff!  

Boosting your liver

Environment- Our liver dismantles many of the chemicals, toxins, drugs, heavy metals, pesticides, pollutants that enter our body so keep these at a minimum! Essentially phase I and phase II detoxification will help!  Eat organic and avoid as much exposure to pollutants as you can. 

Having a healthy liver is very key to staying younger longer and looking younger! Cruciferous vegetables helps you with phytonutrients and boost your natural enzymes and antioxidants in your body and help clean your liver. i.e. kale, brussels sprouts, broccoli and any other cruciferous vegetables.  

Bile(produced by the liver)  is very important to help remove toxic waste and extraction of fat-soluble vitamins, i.e. A,D,E and omega 3 fatty acids.

Bile is predominately made by the liver and hence why a healthy liver is critical! A combination of the right amount of fat and bile helps you gain the benefits of unlocking these fat stored vitamins and minerals in food, i.e. wild caught salmon! 

Suggested foods for healthy skin

Butter, Fatty fish, egg yolks, choline, purified bile salts, leafy greens, vegetables, cod liver oil, beef liver (grass fed), olive oil, avocados, sunflower seeds. 

Some tips- add olive oil to your salad. It will help you feel satiated (remove hunger)  as well as give you the necessary boost by not feeling hungry right after you eat and feeling more rewarded.

How to Handle Free Radical Damage and Oxidations 

Watch out and beware of the 2 types of processes that that make antioxidants occur within our body- endogenous (your body makes) & exogenous (get from food) and focus on boosting them as best as you can. Here are some tips 

  • Exercise removes and burns excess glucose and boosts antioxidation of the blood and supports autophagy as well as reduces stress. Weight training stimulates growth hormones as well. 
  • Fasting- Intermittent fasting boosts autophagy and helps generate endogenous antioxidants. 
  • Glucose blocks vitamin C and leads to depleting Vitamin B1 so reduce Glucose and hidden sugars so avoid them as much as you can.  
  • Stop Smoking & Alcohol- Smoking & Drinking increases free radicals
  • Stress- puts your body into a glucose production mode as your body is trying to react by calming it down by 'feeding' it. Your body turns everything into glucose when you are under extreme stress.  It can lead to a catabolic effect on the body! 
  • Sugar is like rust for your skin and blood! AVOID AVOID AVOID! 
  • Breathing- try and breath through your nose when you are beathing and sleeping. It is very important to breath properly when you are sleeping. If you don't breath right you will not only have a lower quality sleep but also boost your stress levels. Breathing properly under stress is also very important. Try controlled breathing as it can help bring down stress levels! 
  • Quality Protein- Organic, wild caught, free/pasture range fed  
  • Avoid Excess Protein- you will end up with excess waste in the body. Pay attention! Measure using the palm of your hand and 2x the size if you are looking like a simple measurement when you are about to eat. 
  • Microbiome- healthy gut makes you generally healthy and helps with secondary bile production. A healthy gut helps you absorb of vitamins, minerals and - you will want to eat fermented vegetables- such as sauerkraut or kimchi  

If you don't like reading my notes, you can watch the video here. Dr. Berg also has several other links to autophagy, skincare as well as reducing inflammation (a trigger for acne) in his youtube channel! Check him out! 


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