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How Drinking Alcohol Impacts your Skin

How Drinking Alcohol Impacts your Skin

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An evening of cocktails and camaraderie with the ladies on a Friday night sounds divine, but on Saturday morning you wake up to feel headachy, puffy around your eyes and completely dehydrated. Not to mention your face is red and starting to look blotchy.

Friend, you are not imagining it, alcohol wreaks havoc on your skincare routine.

Let’s look at some ways in which alcohol is damaging your skin. Drinking is classified as one to two drinks per day for women. It doesn’t count if you save them all up and drink them all on the weekend either.

What really happens when you drink alcohol.


When you sip those cocktails, you are literally removing fluid from the skin. When you become dehydrated your fine lines and wrinkles are more pronounced. Alcohol will affect mucous membranes from the liver to your skin. Compare the skin of a woman who has been drinking consistently for 20 yrs and one that drinks on rare occasions and you will see a noticeable difference.

Our Recommendation: If you do decide to drink, sip a glass of water in between each drink. Our Squalane Oil is great for replenishing moisture to your skin even after a boozy night out.


Alcohol inflames your tissues and when this happens it creates a histamine reaction which will cause redness and puffiness. This might not seem like a big deal but over time, it creates a facial redness that won't disappear. Many people report feeling inflamed all throughout their body and in their joints after just a few sips of alcohol.

Our Recommendation: Try our Vitamin B3 Serum to help reduce inflammation and ease redness.

Collagen Damage

By maintaining skin's fullness and elasticity, collagen is like the fountain of youth. Drinking too much alcohol will speed up collagen loss by stripping your skin of the vital nutrients it needs such as Vitamin A.

Our Recommendation: Our EGF Skin Renewal Serum will combat signs of aging & improve elasticity.

There is good news, you can definitely reap the benefits by cutting back or cutting alcohol out altogether. Here’s what happens when you start to cut back or kick the habit.

  • Within one hour of your last drink, your body will go into detox mode to rid your body of alcohol
  • You will have less swelling on your face & less puffiness around the eyes
  • Your skin tone will even out and become less red
  • Your inflammation goes away
  • You can lose weight, many women reported losing 5-10 lbs after kicking alcohol for 30 days
  • You're more focused
  • You will be more productive

If you do decide to indulge, drink lots of water and stick to your skincare routine before you head to bed!


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