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Can a Body Detox Improve Your Skin?

Can Detox benefit your skin? Detox can help your skin look and feel better

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Purification of the body and soul with detox regiments is a necessity in our modern lives if we want to have a healthy skin and body.  Read further on how you can do detox to effectively rid  your body of harmful substances and what role skin care has in this process.

Body Detox Is Fun

Regular cleaning of our home, car and everything in them is something natural that we do regularly , but what about your body?

A detox routine is necessary to be followed to effectively cleanse your body of harmful substances and skin care plays an important role in this process. Smoothies, healthy eating and light exercise will all help in the process.

Purifying Your body and Soul From Within

Stress, unhealthy diet, cigarette smoke, alcohol and immobility are the main reasons for the transformation of our body into an acidic environment. Symptoms include digestive problems, cellulite, weak hair, headache, spots and pale skin, or circulation problems. Read more about stress and your skin here.

Acidic waste and toxins are regularly deposited in our fatty and connective tissues and accumulate on the walls of blood vessels. Our body is amazing as if it fails to get rid of substances by excretion, it simply deposits biochemical compounds from waste materials in those places that play a secondary role in the body. Read more about environmental toxins factors here.

Start a Detox Regiment

First of all, you should increase your fluids intake. Drink at least 3 liters of water a day, as water removes unwanted waste products from the body. And yes that’s water or herbal tea at best, not beer or soda! You can also easily make your own detox water with taste - like spa water with lemons and lime and a small pinch of baking soda for example.

In 2 liters of water mix 2 lemons cut in pieces with basing soda and some honey. Allow the detox water to absorb all the substances and acquire their flavors for at least 24 hours.

Besides water  you can drink unsweetened tea. There are special base teas with nettle, elderberry and lemongrass. Detox teas with dandelion root, mint, nettle and parsley can also be used, as you find the taste that you like the most and suits your particular need. Read more about herbs and their effect on skin here.

Green tea is especially useful because it stimulates fat burning and boosts immunity and metabolism.

Drink this wonderful detoxifying tea throughout the day to neutralize the oxidation of the body. Its best to avoid fruit or dill teas , because they have acid-forming properties.

Detox Recipes for Natural Cleansing

Another important part of your cleansing regimen is choosing a diet that is healthy and rich in antioxidants. You should avoid meat, pastries, alcohol, finished products with preservatives, coffee and especially dairy products.

In general, a lot of fruits and vegetables should be consumed during detox. Broccoli, cucumbers, wild garlic and cauliflower have a draining effect. Asparagus, potatoes and celery also have a cleansing and detoxifying effect.

If you want to cleanse your body intensively, we recommend drinking only detox tea, detox water and detoxifying smoothies for a few days. However, you should not overdo the curative fasting, otherwise there is a risk of insufficient intake of nutrients in your body that might affect your overall well being. Read more about Diet and its effects on your skin here.

Ayurveda is a Powerful Routine

Ayurveda  is  a system of knowledge that is thousands of years old and can also help you purify your body , soul and skin. This naturopathy consists of 4 main pillars: massage, yoga, herbal medicine and physical cleansing. As harmful substances in the body are removed and avoided the vital energies are strengthened and health is improved. Read more about yoga and facial massage here.

Take a little Squalane oil to which you can add your favorite natural aroma to and use it for a facial massage for few minutes. Squalane oil removes has many beneficial properties as you can learn here.

In addition, reflexology of the lower part of the feet or lymphatic drainage can help cleanse. Lymphatic drainage improves lymphatic circulation in the body and harmful substances are removed from the body more effectively. Read all you need to caress your feet here.

Detox Yoga Improves the Body Cleanse

Yoga improves the processes of purification and detox. In addition, yoga rejuvenates the body and lifts the mood.

In detox yoga, Kundalini-style yoga exercises are practiced that massage certain organs through natural pressure. This stimulates metabolism and blood circulation.

Detox yoga causes the body to excrete more of excess toxic substances. In addition, it stimulates the digestive tract and releases the hormones of happiness, which they give a good mood.

Learn how to properly clean your skin , not just acne prone skin  here.  You should also use care products that have an antioxidant effect that can be found in the Naked Actives  product series.

As a final touch you can try a mask that provides extra hydration and care can also make your skin look more radiant and fresh.

A  detox can have a positive effect on your body and it can be done in many different ways as it is best to you all recommended routines for best overall effects. Your skin will also benefit so much from it! Why not try it now and see the effects?

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